Entries I Would Like to Redo or Update Someday

I have written 120 entries of this blog, it is expected that I would like to change some of them.

Soo, the other day I was looking through my blog and I realized that I want to redo or update some entries that I have done, so I want to share with you which ones and why.

1.Finding your Perfect Places.

The first entry of this blog, the one that started it all. I was reading through it and I want to rewrite it and even made and entry like that for other songs. I was thinking I could do that for the second anniversary of this blog this July, sooo Idk. but I will keep this idea in mind when I need to do an entry celebrating the 2 years of this blog.

2. Podcasts

I want to redo this entry completely. I will probably do that soon, soo before I delete it you have time to read it. I literally said nothing in this entry, there are many words but head empty omg.

3. Alphabet Music Challenge and I Name A Movie For Every Letter of The Alphabet

I want to update these ones. They are basically the same concept, movies and songs for every letter of the Alphabet. I want to update them because there are some songs that I dont listen to anymore and I also want to add a description of why you should listen or watch, not just the name of the song or movie. While I was writing this, I came up with a cool idea like make a series where in every entry I recommend you songs or movies that start with that letter. Would you all like that? let me know.

4. My “For Every Year I Have Been Alive Series” Songs, Movies and Tv Shows

This series I didnt finished, it was for my birthday (March 20th) but the pandemic came and I lost motivation, but I want to do it again for my birthday this year, we are still in a pandemic but I kind of got used to it, not like my last birthday that we were one week into lockdown.

5. Songs that Would Have Been in Glee If It Was Still Around

I need to update this ones, this past year there has been a lot of songs that I have thought that they could be in Glee. This needs the update ASAP. Also, random thought, but it is not this one, but another entry I made about Glee is my most viewed entry ever and that shocks me.


Hope you guys enjoyed this entry and see you in the next one!!!!

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