Tomorrow Is My First Day Of My Fourth Semester Of College

The fact that I have been more time in online classes than in normal classes, is insane.

After this semester I will be halfway done with college and I cant believe it. I feel like I have learned so little and that I should have learned so much more omg.

This semester I will probably still be on online classes, but if the situation gets better in my country or state I might be able to go to normal classes, so Im manifesting that I get to go to normal classes. I personally think that the situation wont get better in my state, and for that I actually didnt sign up for one class. That one class is about making a shortfilm, and I would rather have it in normal classes and not online.

With no having one class I hope that this semester is not as heavy as the other but we will see in my update of the semester omg.

One thing that I actually sign up for this semester that I have been wanting to but couldnt because of schedule in past semesters, was the book club of my university and Im really excited for the first session.

My schedule this semester is actually pretty good, it is my favorite out of all of them, because I have classes early and the latest I get out of class is 3pm, soo Im happy.

I hope that this semester is better than the others and that the situation gets better so that I can go back to normal classes.

Hope you enjoyed this entry and see you in the next one!!!!

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