Hello!! so as some of you may have noticed I didnt post an entry or anything for the entire month of March. It was really weird not posting or giving updates about stuff in my life in this blog, but I really needed to take a break.

I took the break because since February I was getting really overwhelmed about everything. First of all the anniversary of the lockdown and how I felt that a year in my life was taken away from me; that got me into a spiral and I was getting sad and frustrated about everything in my life. Second, I turn 20 in March!!, I personally dont like my birthdays so I was sad about my birthday and I had some personal problems that day soo I was a mess. Finally, I has an existential crisis about what I want to do in the future, when I began college I was SURE i wanted to be an editor in the film industry, now Im not really sure about it, I lowkey want photography or marketing, so I dont know what im gonna do my life.

I still havent figure out a lot of stuff in my life, but what i know is that I still want to write entries, so this month exect a lot of them because I have some cool ideas!!!

Hope you all are doing well and see you in the next entry!!!

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