I’m Attempting to Do An All Hamsters Island in Animal Crossing: New Horizons

Soo, its been a while since I have done an update of my Animal Crossing Island and there is a lot I need to update you on.

I have decided to do an all hamsters Island, well, kind of. There is not 10 hamsters, so im leaving my favorite two villagers in the island (There is only eight hamsters).

I already had a hamster, Hamlet and I love him, he is my favorite villager, so I had only seven to go. One day I made that decision, and the next day Astrid, decided she wanted to leave and I said yes. I went villager hunting but I had no luck, so I kept the villager that was on the last island i visited, her name was Bree, I ended up really liking her.

Then, a few weeks later, my least favorite villager wanted to go and I said Yeah, lets gooo. His name was Kyle, I didnt even said goodby to him and I felt bad the next day. After feeling bad I went villager hunting and I was really lucky, the second island I visited there was a hamster, his name is Boliche and I love him, so far, he has become one of my favorite villagers.

2 down, 6 to go.

A month passed and Shari wanted to leave, it hurted me but I let her go. I went villager hunting but I had no luck and I ended up not choosing a villager, so the game chose one for me, her name is Plucky, she is a chicken.

Then two days ago, Bree decided to leave omg and you know the drill, I went villager hunting. I found another hamster, her name is Soraya, tomorrow she is gonna move to my island and Im lowkey scared because I feel like im not gonna liker her.

3 down, 5 to go.

So thats it for today, hope you enjoyed this entry and hopefully next month I can have more hamster. See you in the next one!

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