My Thoughts and Theories on the Re-recordings and Thoughts on “Fearless” (Taylor’s Version)

“Thoughts on Fearless (Taylor’s Version)” (Supercut of Life’s Version)

So, when Evermore came out (or near that date) I made an entry about my thoughts of the album, and with the release of the re-recording of Fearless Im doing the same, and with every re-recording.

My favorite songs of the album before Taylor’s version were Fearless, Love Story and You Belong with me, in that order. I’m not a big country fan, so I dont really listened to this album except for those songs; for that reason I was excited for the re-recording and omg she delivered.

Her voice sounds so much better but the same, i dont know how to explain it. Also, a lot of songs now the meaning has changed somehow, because now when I hear “Fifteen” is like a mother telling her child what was her life at 15 and after everything she had to go through the phrase “But in your life you’ll do things
Greater than dating the boy on the football team” hits so different omg and with all the Abigail stuff omg i cant.

Also, dont even get me started with “The Best Day” with all the stuff with her mom omg.

At the moment, my favorite three songs (not counting vault tracks) are ‘Fearless’, ‘The Way I Loved You’ and ‘Forever and Always’ in that order. My favorite vault tracks are ‘Mr. Perfectly Fine’ and ‘That’s When’.

Overall, these is my top 3 of song from “Fearless” (Taylor’s Version):

  • Fearless
  • Mr. Perfectly Fine
  • The Way I Loved You.

I have been listening to the album non-stop. I havent fully process it and now there are easter eggs about the 1989 re-recording, there are theories about the announcement coming this week or in May, but its too soon, I already feel the Fearless era going away omg.

Talking about the other re-recordings; my most anticipated is Speak Now. If Fearless recked me, Im not ready for Speak Now, it may not have my favorite songs, but overall it is my favorite album, it has no skips.

For vault tracks, Im most excited about Reputation and 1989 and im curious about who she is going to collab with for the vault tracks of this album; I heard theories about Katy Perry in 1989 (you know, for all the Bad Blood drama) and also Harry Styles i-

In terms of specific songs, Im excited for Getaway Car, because im a Getaway Car stan first and human second. Also, Long Live, imagine the re-recording of Long Live and how different it would hit, just the thought of that re-recording and hearing her sing the bridge and “It was the end of a decade But the start of an age” makes me tear up omg. I’m curious about what she is going to do with Better Than Revenge, like that song didnt age well, is she even re-recording it? if she is, how much the lyrics will change or not change at all?

All Too Well, I want to hate Jake Gyllenhaal again and scream the song. Another one im really curious is Innocent, we all know what that song is about and after the whole scandal that caused Reputation, Im really curious about how the song is going to hit. Mine is another song im excited about, it is one of my favorite songs, as well as Dress and New Romantics.

It is hard for me to be excited for 1989 and Reputation re-recordings because I feel like they are pretty recent, even though they are not.

Lately I’ve been obsessed with reading the theories about when each re-recording is releasing, so im telling you mine. I feel like 1989 is in May or June, it would be the perfect album of the summer, and the movie that has the re-recording of Wildest Dream releases in June (the horse movie, which fun fact has the voice of Jake Gyllenhaal, when I found that out I screamed), also all the other easter eggs in the Stephen Colbert moodboard and interview omg. After 1989, it would be Red in the fall, October, it is the perfect fall album we all know that, i have no other reason to believe that, just the thought that Red = Fall.

Now, here is where I go insane with my theory, Speak Now is in December, why you may ask, well let me tell you. Lets go to a song I mentioned early, Innocent, specially to this lyric “It’s okay, life is a tough crowd 32 and still growin’ up now”. Now, guess what age is Taylor turning in December? Exactly, 32; also, the fact that in the album there is a song called Back to December. This theory may not age well, but I tried.

Here is where my theories go different than others that I have seen. I think that 2022 will be pretty quiet, nothing of the re-recordings will be released (she may released TS10 or the third sister of folklore which I dont believe in or idk). But at the beggining of 2023, she will drop Reputation, because she is allowed to start re-recording it in November 2022. Now, my theory goes insane again, she will own her Reputation and what is the most iconic lyric of Reputation? “I’m sorry But the old Taylor can’t come to the phone right now Why? Oh, ’cause she’s dead (oh)”, but guess who is coming to the phone in the middle of 2023 the debut album, called “Taylor Swift”, so the old Taylor will come to the phone and it would be a cool ending to the re-recordings that her last album would be her first, because she would finally own the self-titled.

I feel like this right now

But I hope that you enjoyed this entry and see you in the next one!!!

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