Where Have I Been?

I truly posted an entry saying that I would be more consistent about posting and immediately stopped posting for 4 months.

Soo, you may have noticed that I havent posted in a while, and I have a good reason for that. First of all, I want to say that I’m okay, nothing bad happened to me or my family, because you know, we live in a pandemic, so thankfully nothing bad happened.

The reason I left is that I wasnt really happy with the direction that this blog was taking, I felt that I was just writing to write and post something weekly and while doing that I forgot why I started this blog and why I loved doing it; and I decided to take a few months as a break.

I was supposed to come back in June, but I decided to take a longer break. From June to now August I was thinking about the blog, and some changes I wanted to do to it, and I will be sharing some of them with you here.

In the next month, slowly you will see a new design of the blog, I have been wanting to change the image and it might not be a huge change but some changes that make a difference. Another huge change will be the type of entries I will write, I will write what I want and better entries, more complete, kind of like the Scooby Doo series or the storytimes I do, and more content less generic; and probably I wont be posting an entry weekly, but it will be better content. As the time passes you will see what I mean.

The biggest change in this blog is definitely, a little change but I think will make things better. You all dont know my name (except one friend that reads this blog) and I want to keep it that way, but this blog will change its name.

It will now be named “Supercut of C” Hi! I’m C. Nice to meet you again.

This was a quick update of the blog, I still have three updates to give you, one about the ending of my fourth semester of college, one about the beginning of my fifth semester of college and one life update (spoiler alert: a lot has happened in this months, like A LOT)

I promised to not go away for months after this entry and as Taylor Swift would say “I come back stronger than a 90s trend”

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