I Just Started My Fifth Semester in College

“Just started” is a little exaggeration. I started three weeks ago.

Hey, it’s C again! On August 9th I started my classes and this semester is gonna intense.

I have four classes, but one of them I take the whole semester and the other three only for 5 weeks each and one at a time. My class from the whole semester is about communication’s theories, it is kind of boring but really interesting at the same time. The other class that I’m taking right now is about Journalism and surprisingly I’m really liking it, I didn’t expect that to happened but I think it is because I like writing and gossiping. Both of the classes are online.

My next class to take is about Marketing and I truly don’t know what to expect and the last class I will take is about Making a Documentary, which sounds really exciting and I can’t wait for that class but I will have to wait for the last days of October or early November for that. A really cool thing about these classes is that they are going to be my first in person classes sin March of 2020 and it’s so exciting but scary at the same time, but I try to not think of the scary side often.

As of right now, I’m doing good, there hasn’t been a lot of homework and I have been really inspired to write about a lot things, especially things that are happening to me right now. One bad thing that I don’t like about this semester is the fact that my classes are on the afternoon and I end up out of class at 7pm 4 days a week; obviously I end up pretty tired everyday, but the director of my career decided that everyone should have afternoon classes, sooo what can i do?

Overall, I’m really excited for this semester, hopefully I learn a lot and make new friends, but time will tell.

Anyways, hope you enjoyed this entry and see you in the next one, which probably will be a life update where there will be a lot, like a lot!!!!

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