My Life In The Last Five Months

Who would have thought that a lot can happen in just five months in the middle of a pandemic?

Hi, it’s C again! I want to start this life update with something that I had on my mind during almost all of the five months, and that is being frozen in time.

I felt that I was frozen in time since the pandemic started, like everyone started making new friends, finding or realizing what they were doing with their lives or simply move on from the place that they were in March 2020, but that was not my case. When I realized it, it was hard, because you feel like that time was stolen from you, when in reality you just wasted it. So, during April, May and beginning of June I was in a pretty bad headspace because of that, so I decided that this summer was gonna be my Coming of Age summer.

During this summer, I realized a lot of things, number one that I wasn’t frozen in time, that I had achieved some cool stuff while in a pandemic. One of them being that I got my first job ever, I know, that’s pretty cool. I worked at the marketing team at a podcast, actually I didn’t worked at the marketing team, I was the marketing team. The podcast was pretty successful, I liked my job but I actually did quit my job there. There were two major factors to that one being that I wasn’t getting paid while I had a huge amount of work while I was there; the other factor was that there was a lack of communication between my boss and I, for example, the podcast was going to be on a break, she didn’t tell me, she just announced it on the podcast and that’s upsetting because I had to prepare content, so at least give me a heads up so that I don’t find out with everyone else.

While all of this was happening, I was starting to like a friend, not just any friend, but one from my main friend group. Not gonna lie, for me that was kind of embarrassing because I don’t like people that way often, soo I was confused and decided to not tell any of my friends because in my mind I was like “If I don’t tell them, It’s not real” But, little did I know that my friend liked me at the same time. I didn’t know that until the last day of July, when he told me that through a message, and he kind of let me know clearly that he didn’t like me now, but he used to. One day, I decide to choose violence and shoot my shot replying in private to a message he send to the groupchat, long story short, we talked, went on a virtual date, we talked that we still both like each other and we are now dating. That felt so weird to write omg, like I didn’t think I would come back to the blog now dating someone.

Anyways, during the summer, I truly reevaluated my life, where I wanted to go and who I am. While doing that I learned a lot about me, how to be alone with my thoughts, how to put myself out there more, how to actually like what I am doing and my life.

I feel like I grew up a lot this summer, like the me before summer wouldn’t have told my friend that I liked him, she would have taken that secret to the grave; the me before the summer wasn’t actually coming back to the blog, but now the me after summer decided let’s change this blog and now I enjoy writing more and I don’t see it as a responsibility anymore, I see it as doing something that I love.

Even though I didn’t go out a lot this summer, I only hung out with my friends three times, I will remember this summer, I really liked it, it truly brought a better version of me, one that hopefully brings you better entries than before.

Hope you enjoyed this entry and see you in the next one!!!!

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