I Rewatched “Twitches” After 16 Years and Here Are My Thoughts

This movie was according to 4 year old me the best movie of all time.

It’s October, spooky times and to get on the mood of this season, I decided that I wanted to watch some old Halloween movies. While I was looking for what I could watch Disney+ (not an ad, but Disney please sponsor me) showed me a throwback movie, a movie that I had forgotten about but when I saw the name I knew I needed to watch it. That movie is “Twitches” (2005)

This movie is basically about Camry and Alex, who are twins that were separated at birth and are witches. They will have to defeat what kill their dad, the Darkness. That’s it. With a simple plot, this movie is probably better than any movie that has won an Oscar. Today I rewatched it and here are my thoughts.

Let’s get it out of the way, this is one of the best Disney movies, it is so entertaining and funny even now, even though sometimes it is kind of ridiculous and very dramatic, like very dramatic; but it is still better than 60% of Disney films.

As this movie is from 2005, the special effects do not hold the test of time. It just looks a lot like a green screen and like the visual effects aren’t there, it is just so distracting. But one good thing that still holds up, it’s how scary the Darkness still is, specially the faces that come out of it. 2005 and 2021 me are afraid of those faces.

Now, let’s talk about the characters. First of all, I had forgotten the opposite twins stereotype of this movie; I liked both twins but Camryn just a little more. I like how cheesy it is that they gave them lines that mirror the sun and moon and each other. One more thing before we change characters, can we talk about Camry’s drawings? she truly outsold every artist ever.

One random thing I noticed about the movie is that the fashion is trendy again and I don’t know how to feel.

Really quick I will gloss over some characters. First of all, the mom, like the og mom, the magic mom is kind of boring and she looks somehow younger than the twins. Now, the protectors, I love the grumpy character and bubbly character as a couple, that is a trope that I will die for; and they were cool comic reliefs.

Now, let’s talk about the villain. In a Disney movie, the character that is dress in black is the villain?? who could have seen this coming? I couldn’t be more shocked right now. Okay, but seriously, the villain was obvious, and even if he wasn’t wearing all black he was still sus because he married his brother’s widow and that screams “I’m the villain here” Also, his defeat was really cheesy and I remembered him having stronger powers so I don’t know what happened there.

At the end of the day, it is a great movie, will I watch it again? YES. It is so entertaining and fun. So if you have free time and want to watch a movie that doesn’t requiere a lot of brain I highly recommend Twitches (2005)

Hope you all enjoyed this review as much as I enjoyed watching the movie. See you in the next entry


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