I Rewatched “Twitches Too” After 14 Years and Here Are My Thoughts

6 year old me loved this movie, 20 year old me not so much.

Welcome back everyone, to the second part of this mini series (?) where I watch “Twitches Too” (2007), the sequel to “Twitches”, an original Disney Channel. I already review the first movie which was great, I really liked it and it raised a question in me, Am I gonna like the second movie too?

“Twitches Too” (2007) Poster

Today, I watched and the answer is “I like it, but not really”. Before we get to my thoughts, let me give you a quick description of the plot. Twitches Too comes back to Camryn and Alex, the twins who are witches, now they are trying to learn how to use their powers while balancing their normal lives. Meanwhile in Coventry there is a new threat, Thantos is alive in the shadow world and he wants revenge, but there is the possibility that Camryn and Alex’s father could be alive too.

Okay, this movie has a lot of different vibes at the same time. It is goofy, but it is spooky with the shadows and with the shaky camera. All of this while in 90% in the movie nothing is really happening. It seems like a lot is happening, but actually nothing is.

The beginning of the movie is pretty great. I appreciated the “previously on” segment, you could watch not watch the first movie and still understand this one because of that segment. Also, at the beginning there is a pretty good set up of what is to come, the shadows moving in the castle and the mom being followed by them.

We get introduced to a few new characters that are forgettable. Now, let’s talk about the twins, I prefered Camryn more than Alex, probably it is because Alex was kind of dumb for falling in the tramp of Thantos. Talking about Thantos, the ending was pretty meh, like he could have made a bigger spectacle with the darkness, but he decided he wanted to kill his brother, no wonder he was defeated pretty quickly.

Anyway, I liked this movie, but not that much, I prefer the first one. I really have nothing more to say, because not a lot of things happened in this movie.

Hope you enjoyed this entry and if you like it, give it a like or tell me what movie should I review next!!!


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