I Watched The Twilight Saga For The First Time

Soo, when the movies came out I never watched Twilight, but several years later I watched every single movie and documented my live thoughts here! Enjoy!

I Watched Twilight For The First Time

I have never watched Twilight in the 19 years of my life. I have watched some clips on twitter and looked at some memes about it, but I have never watched the movies. The only I have watched is the last one because my sister took me to watch the movie. I think I have … More

I Watched “Twilight: New Moon” For The First Time

Welcome to another episode of me watching Twilight A few entries ago I saw the first Twilight movie for the first time and I have decided to make it a series. Like the other entry these will be my live thoughts. Soo, let’s watch New Moon: Why is she worried that she is getting old … More

I Watched “Twilight: Eclipse” For The First Time

Soo, this is the third movie of the Twilight saga, we are half way done, as I have done with the other two movies I will be writing my live thoughts of the movie. My final thoughts of the saga will come whenever I finished it, but in the meantime, let’s watch Eclipse: Why does … More

I Watched “Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 1” For The First Time

We are almost done with the Twilight saga, this is the beginning of the end, lets hope that this movie is not as insane as the others. Like the other entries, these are my live thoughts, while watching the movie, when we finish all of the movies, I’m going to discuss all of them in … More

I Rewatched “Twilight: Breaking Dawn Part 2”

Soo, I have already seen this movie when it came out, my sister bought me a ticket to see it even though I have not seen at that time the other movies, I don’t remember a lot of things. As usual these are my live thoughts that I had while watching. so let’s start watching … More