My Journey Through College

I’m halfway through college, there has been some ups and downs, some in person classes and online classes, but it has been a great experience. If you want to read my on going journey, here are a lot of entries!!!

Tomorrow It’s my first day of college

As you know for the phrase on my blog, I’m 18 and tomorrow is my first day of college, so I want to share here what I’m feeling. I’m so excited to enter college. I really want to start studying again, every day since I graduated high school I was bored and I really wanted … More

My first two weeks of college

I have been in college for two weeks and It has been AMAZING. The first day I was really nervous about how was it going to be and that day I also had just one class that was four hours long. The class was amazing they told us what we were going to see and … More

I Just Finished My First Semester of College

This is a new part from My College Series, if you want to read the first two parts they will be listed down below, let’s begin. Last time I was talking about my college experience I was just two weeks into the semester and so much has happened since then. Let’s start with the classes, … More

Tomorrow I Start My Second Semester of College

Tomorrow is my first day of second semester in college and I’m not ready. I have been on vacation since the middle of December and I start tomorrow on February 10th and I don’t want to go back. I have been doing nothing for those two months and I want to keep doing nothing. This … More

I Just Finished My Second Semester of College

I don’t know who needs a break more, me or my laptop. This semester was really hard like going from normal classes to online classes is a lot. So I want to share with you my experience this semester. The first five weeks of the semester were pretty good, I was starting to get my … More

Tomorrow I Start My Third Semester of College

I’m not ready to go back to online classes. Tomorrow I start my third semester of college and I’m lowkey freaking out, because this semester is going to be online for except for one class at the end of the semester. With online classes I get really nervous because I dont know how they are … More

I’m In The Middle Of My Third Semester Of College

and I’m dying. Soo, Where do I even begin with this one? Let’s start with a brief explanation of the type of classes I take and then we will dive in on each one. Basically there is three types of classes you take in my collage, 3 classes that last 5 weeks and you only … More

I Just Finished My Third Semester in College During a Pandemic

I need a new back and I look like a racoon. You may have noticed that in November I didnt post anything, just one entry and that is because the semester was killing me. This entry is an update on my college journey that I have documented since one day before going to college, sooo, … More

Tomorrow Is My First Day Of My Fourth Semester Of College

The fact that I have been more time in online classes than in normal classes, is insane. After this semester I will be halfway done with college and I cant believe it. I feel like I have learned so little and that I should have learned so much more omg. This semester I will probably … More

How My Fourth Semester Of College Ended

Spoiler Alert: An existential crisis happened Hello, it’s C again! I know this entry is old news, since I started a new semester three weeks ago, but I wanted to tell you my experience. Enjoy! Soo, my Fourth Semester was a mess and It finished on June, so I need to tell you all what … More

I Just Started My Fifth Semester in College

“Just started” is a little exaggeration. I started three weeks ago. Hey, it’s C again! On August 9th I started my classes and this semester is gonna intense. I have four classes, but one of them I take the whole semester and the other three only for 5 weeks each and one at a time. … More