The Q&A’s that No One Asked For

Truly no one asked anything, so I search for random questions on the internet and answer them. If you want to know more about me or some random facts, this might be the place.

A Q&A that no one asked for

Recently, I have been doing a lot of personal entries, from my favorite movies to the podcasts I listen to, and I realized that you don’t really know me. So, I decided to Answer the typical questions to get to know someone. I literally just googled “Questions to get to know someone” and the ones … More

A Q&A That No One, Not Even a Soul Asked For

Let’s pretend that someone asked this questions and ignore the fact that I googled questions to meet a person. Recently this blog had its first birthday, so I decided that you guys should know me better. I have done this once, I don’t ask you guys for questions (because I’m afraid no one is going … More